Trenchless Technology


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Trenchless pipe repair is a cost effective, time-saving, and environmentally superior to conventional methods of rehabilitating your system. Trenchless technology includes a variety of methods utilized for installing and repairing underground utility systems with minimal surface disruption and destruction resulting from excavation.
The Trenchless Technology process consists of four steps:

  • First, the lines are evaluated with a remote video camera to determine what’s needed to resolve the problem;
  • Next, the lines are cleaned and prepped;
  • Then the liner is pulled into place;
  • Finally, the video camera is used again, this time to inspect and record the finished job.

The end result is the creation of a smooth and seamless pipe within a pipe that will perform even better and last longer than the original: this new “joint less” pipe will be resistant to root penetration and calcifications to the inner walls of the new epoxy barrier-lined pipe are eliminated.

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